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Immigration fees

Find out more about our fees

This page gives you some information on our fees. Should you wish to instruct us, we will take more details on your case, and we will usually agree on a fee at the outset.

Agreed fees

Most of our work is done on the basis of fees we will agree on at the outset. The agreed fee will depend on a number of factors, including:

  1. Your immigration history
  2. The complexity of your application
  3. The urgency of your case
  4. The seniority of the fee earner dealing with your case
  5. Whether there are any dependants to be added to your application

What is included in our agreed fees

Our fees will cover:

  1. Taking instructions on your case
  2. Advising on the merits of your application at the outset, and updating this advice as and when needed (for example, if new information comes to light which change the merits of your case)
  3. Advising on the documents and evidence needed for your application
  4. Reviewing and collating the documents in support of your application
  5. Completing Home Office application forms
  6. Drafting legal representations in support of your application
  7. Advising you the outcome of the application or appeal, including what this means for you and next steps
  8. Keeping in contact with you to keep you updated on your application
  9. Liaising with third parties such as the Home Office and any experts needed

What is not included in our agreed fees

Our fees do not include:

  1. You will usually need to pay VAT on top of our fees when you live in the UK and have or have valid immigration status here other than as a visitor. VAT is currently set at 20%.
  2. Home Office fees. You can read more about Home Office fees here.
  3. Immigration Health Surcharge. You can read more about the Immigration Health Surcharge here.
  4. Tribunal and court fees.
  5. These are fees payable to third parties such as interpreters, translators and experts.
  6. Barrister fees. We will usually need to instruct a barrister if assisting with an appeal or Judicial Review.
  7. Work which was not included in our initially agreed fee.

We will always advise you on additional fees prior to incurring them.

Applications we assist with on an agreed fee

Below are estimate for the most common applications we assist with.

Application type

Fee range

Visit visa

£1,000 - £3,500

Application on the basis of family life

£1,5000 - £3,500

Application on the basis of private life

£1,500 - £3,500

Complex outside of the rules human rights application

£2,500 - £5,000

EU Settlement Scheme application

£1,000 - £3,000

Naturalisation or registration as a British citizen

£1,000 - £3,500

Family reunion application

£1,000 - £3,500

Windrush status application


Indefinite leave to remain application on the basis of domestic abuse

£1,000 - £2,500


£2,500 - £5,000

Other applications

Bespoke but never more than £5,000


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Hourly rates and consultations

Sometimes, you may instruct us to do some ad-hoc, discrete piece of work, and we may agree to do so on an hourly rate basis. Similarly, you may want to have an initial consultation only, to discuss your options, before deciding whether to instruct us with your whole application. A consultation will usually costed at between 2 to 4 hours.

Our hourly rates depend on the seniority of the fee earner, as follows:

  1. Lawyers with over 8 years post qualification experience and fee earners of equivalent experience - £450/hour
  2. Lawyers with over 4 years post qualification experience and fee earners of equivalent experience - £320/hour
  3. Lawyers with up to 4 years post qualification experience and fee earners of equivalent experience - £250/hour
  4. Trainee solicitors, paralegals and other fee earners of equivalent experience - £145/hour

Windrush compensation claims

We assist with Windrush Compensation Schemes using Damage Based Agreements (DBA), meaning you will only pay us if your claim is successful.

When you instruct us for an initial Windrush Compensation claim, then we charge 16%+VAT of the compensation that you recover.

When you instruct us for a review of an existing compensation claim, then we charge 25%+VAT only for any additional awards we obtain from the review.

If your Windrush Compensation application is unsuccessful, then you don’t have to pay our costs.

If you end the DBA before we consider that the work is completed, or behave unreasonably, you may be liable to pay our costs at the hourly rates set out above. 

[1] We will only assist with a Windrush status application if we also assist with a viable Windrush compensation claim. If the compensation claim is successful, we will charge for the compensation claim on a DBA-basis, as detailed further below. We will charge an additional £1,000 for the status application.