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Young man secures substantial damages for lost hand

Evan Reynolds has secured compensation after losing his left hand in an accident

Posted on 23 September 2009

Leigh Day has secured substantial damages for 'bionic boy', 19 year old Evan Reynolds who lost his left hand in a road traffic accident in 2006 when his arm became trapped between the side of a car and a gatepost.

Prior to the accident, Evan had been an extremely active young man who enjoyed playing rugby, cricket, attending the gym, snowboarding, playing cricket, playing guitar in a band and cooking to name just a few of his hobbies. His plan had been to attend university and to pursue a career in the Army. Sadly, as a result of the loss of his hand, he was precluded from an army career.

A significant issue in the case involved the consideration of Evan’s future career prospects and therefore potential future loss of earnings which may arise as a result of the injury. The main difficulty lay in assessing what Evan’s future earnings might have been, had he been able to purse an army career and what his likely earnings would now be.

Evan was referred to Dorset Orthopaedics where he was provided with his first cosmetic prosthesis but was frustrated that this did not provide him with any dexterity. He currently benefits from the use of an innovative 'I-limb' supplied by Touch Bionics which enables him to undertake many of the day to day tasks requiring fine dexterity such as buttering toast, holding vegetables to chop them, picking up an egg, doing up zips, picking up coins, turning a key in a lock which would not be possible with an ordinary prosthesis. Evan’s brother recalled having seen a documentary on Tomorrow’s World many years ago regarding bionics and found out about the i-limb via the internet. Evan was chosen because he was young and active and would put the limb through it’s paces and had not yet become accustomed to a different type of prosthesis. The I-limb has made a huge difference to Evan’s ability to lead a full life and resume many of his pre accident activities.

Evan has coped and adjusted exceptionally well to the life long consequences of the accident and, with the use of an arm protector which he has designed, has managed to resume playing rugby and snowboarding, has been travelling, worked on boats in the Mediterranean as well as several other hobbies. He has now commenced a degree course at university and though he is still unclear as to what his future career will be, we are sure that he will do well.

A further significant issue in the case was in relation to the future cost of prosthetics for the duration of his life which amounted to a significant sum. It was our case that this was a classic situation in which an award ought to be made for annualised payments in respect of the future prosthetic costs to ensure that Evan would have the required fund for life.

Evan has been a delight to work with and is an inspiration to other amputees. We are delighted with the outcome for Evan and wish him well for the future.

Evan commented that “I am extremely happy with the i-limb and very pleased with the way in which Leigh Day & Co have dealt with my case and ensured that I will have the provision to continue to use the Touch Bionics i-limb. All in all I feel I have received the best outcome from a bad situation.”

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