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Royal coachman, crushed by horse, receives damages

A former royal coachman has received damages of £720,000 after he was thrown from his horse and then crushed by it in an accident at work

Posted on 24 June 2004

A former Royal Coachman has successfully claimed damages from the palace after he was involved in a riding accident while preparing a team of horses for a state visit. The Coachman, who was a military riding instructor and has 20 years riding experience, was thrown from his horse and then crushed by it and another in the team while he was training them for the state occasion. The accident was caused by a volatile and inexperienced horse that shouldn’t have been involved in the forthcoming event.

His workplace injury meant that he had to leave his job

He suffered a very serious crush injury to his leg when the horses fell on him. Unfortunately he suffered severe psychological effects as a consequence of his injuries. He had to give up his career as a coachman. The wider implications to his life, and that of his young family, included having to move out of his ‘grace and favour home’ at the Royal Mews into much poorer accommodation.

Out of court settlement

The case was settled at £720,000 by specialist personal injury solicitor and head of the personal injury team, Sally Moore, a week before trial in an out of court settlement. The claim was brought against The Keeper of her Majesty’s Privy Purse.

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