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DePuy knee implant device recall leads to group claim

Widely used knee implant has caused problems for some patients

Posted on 03 February 2010

The product liability team at Leigh Day has been instructed by a number of Australians who have suffered failed knee replacement surgery and have had to undergo early revision operations as a result of a allegedly defective knee implant.

LCS Duofix

The LCS Duofix implant, manufactured by DePuy International Ltd in Leeds, was recalled in July 2009 as a result of increased revision rates. The revision rate among Australian patients is particularly high, suggesting that there may have been a problem with the batch of implants supplied to Australia. However, patients in other countries may have also required early revision. DePuy has stated that Alumina particles detected in the joint space are a factor leading to third body wear and/or tissue staining. Alumina is a bio-compatible material used to roughen the internal surface of the implant in the manufacturing process.

Failure of the LCS Duofix has been associated with pain, mobility difficulties and additional recuperation time. DePuy has agreed to pay for revision operations and rehabilitation in one case. People living in Australia, the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world who have had the component implanted and suffered as a result of its failure may be entitled to claim for compensation in the English courts. Damages which may be awarded in England tend to be higher than those which may be awarded in Australia.

The product liability team at Leigh Day & Co has considerable experience in handling claims relating to defective medical devices. If you would like to speak to one of our lawyers please contact  Jill Paterson on 020 7650 1214.

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