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Damages for compartment syndrome man

Substantial settlement for man following knee surgery

Posted on 23 April 2009

Suzanne White, solicitor in our clinical negligence department, has recently settled a substantial claim for a client following an operation on his knee to remove part of the bone from his tibia to stop his knee “locking”. After the operation our client suffered extreme pain and loss of sensation in the affected leg. Sadly, his complaints and symptoms were not acted upon, and it emerged that he had developed compartment syndrome. As a result he suffered nerve damage in the leg causing him to have a "drop foot" injury.

There followed a very long series of operations to try to remedy the damage, one of those operations itself causing further injury. Our client was not able to work for a year and his remaining injuries have compromised his mobility significantly and have implications for the rest of his life.

The case was complicated because of the very long history of surgery, and because his NHS care had been contracted out to the private sector as part of the early waiting list initiative. Eventually, the NHS recognised its liability to our client and conceded that there had been unacceptable failures in his care so that the case did not need to go to trial.

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