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CA gives final judgment in Binyam Mohamed case

The Court of Appeal has revealed the contents of controversial paragraph 168

Posted on 26 February 2010

In a judgment read out this morning, the Court of Appeal finally concluded the case brought by Binyam Mohamed challenging the UK Government’s involvement in and knowledge of his mistreatment by the United States. 

On 10 February, three of Britain’s most senior Judges dismissed the UK Government’s appeal against publication of the details of what was known by MI5 about Binyam Mohamed’s ill-treatment and torture before they interviewed him in Pakistan in 2002 and subsequently assisted in his interrogation under torture.

However controversy arose over the contents of an earlier unpublished draft of paragraph 168 of that judgment.   Today the Court of Appeal has announced a finalised version of paragraph 168 as well as publishing the controversial earlier draft.

The final version of the controversial paragraph reveals the Master of Roll’s analysis of the fact the Intelligence and Security Committee were misled by the Security and Intelligence Services as to their knowledge of Mr Mohamed’s ill treatment.

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