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Public warning over glycerol in slush-ice drinks after hospitalisation of three-year-old

A mother from Glasgow is raising awareness about the potential side effects of glycerol toxicity in slush-ice drinks after her young child fell unconscious earlier this year.

Posted on 14 February 2024

Victoria Anderson shared her story with the public following her experience of her three-year-old son Angus being rushed to Glasgow Children’s Hospital shortly after consuming a raspberry-flavoured frozen drink from a corner shop, needing urgent medical attention.
Glycerol, a naturally occurring alcohol, is sometimes used as a substitute for sugar in slush-ice drinks. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) issued voluntary industry guidance in 2023 regarding glycerol in slush-ice drinks, advising that they should not be sold to children under the age of four. The guidance followed an FSA risk assessment that found that young children may suffer headaches and sickness if exposed to exposure to glycerol. The FSA has reported multiple instances of children being hospitalised due to glycerol intoxication over the last few years.
Joanna Thompson, solicitor in Leigh Day’s food safety team, said:

“I would urge parents who have children aged four and under to make sure their children do not consume slush-ice drinks following the FSA’s guidance and multiple reports of child hospitalisation. No parent should have to experience what Victoria went through and I hope that the industry responds quickly and appropriately to ensure that children’s safety is prioritised and that the public are aware of the potential risks.”

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Joanna Thompson

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