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E-bike company recalls bikes over fire fears

US bike manufacturer Pacific Cycle is recalling two electric bike models due to a potentially hazardous battery fault.

Posted on 02 February 2024

The recall was prompted after reports of batteries on three e-bikes catching fire in the US, with one person suffering second-degree burns.

The fault has been linked to the wiring harness that manages the charging of the lithium-ion battery being assembled inadequately, creating a danger of overheating and catching fire while charging.

People with Ascend Cabrillo model numbers R7583BPS and R7585BPS, and Minaret model number R7586BPS, are being told to stop using, unplug and return the bike immediately.

Similarly, on 22 January 2024 the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) announced it was taking enforcement action against Chinese-manufactured UPP e-bike batteries, which were available on Amazon and eBay and have been linked to a number of fires across England.

The London Fire Brigade receives a callout for e-bike or e-scooter related fires once every two days in 2023, a 60% increase on the previous year.

Leigh Day product safety solicitor Philippa Wheeler said:

"It is concerning to see yet another recall for e-bike components that have a fire or explosion risk. People who have purchased Pacific Cycle bikes online in the UK should check their model numbers.

E-bikes are brilliant for accessibility, but consumers purchasing the bikes should be able to rely on their safety. It is recommended that people review the OPSS before purchasing an e-bike and only purchase from reputable sellers.”

Philippa Wheeler (1)

Philippa Wheeler

Philippa is a solicitor in the product safety team

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