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Solicitors representing hundreds of contaminated blood victims welcome recommendation of interim payments

Solicitors acting for over 350 core participants of the Infected Blood Inquiry have welcomed the interim report from Sir Brian Langstaff that recommends to the government that interim payments should be made “without delay”.

Posted on 29 July 2022

Sir Langstaff, who chaired the Infected Blood Inquiry (IBI) said in a letter sent to Paymaster General Michael Ellis today that payments of at least £100,000 should be made to those infected by contaminated blood or their bereaved partners.

The inquiry has heard months of evidence on how people have faced significant and life-changing physical and mental pain and suffering as a result of the scandal, which was caused by the UK buying contaminated blood products from abroad in the 1970s and 80s which then infected patients with HIV and Hepatitis C.
It has been recommended that the payments are made as soon as possible to those currently registered on UK infected blood support schemes, and those who register between now and the start of any future scheme.
The government does not have to accept the proposal but has said previously that it would pay compensation if the inquiry recommended it.
Emma Jones, partner at Leigh Day representing over 350 core participants to the Infected Blood Inquiry, said:
“We welcome the interim report from Sir Brian Langstaff that recommends to the Minister that interim payments should be made.  We urge the Minister to act on the recommendation not just of Sir Brian, but Sir Robert Francis as well, and make the interim payments as a matter of urgency to ensure those who have had their lives shattered can start to move forward in some way and get some acknowledgement for the harm that has been caused.”

Emma Jones

Emma Jones

Emma runs the team working on the contaminated blood inquiry 

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