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Settlement for injured cyclist despite denial of liability

A settlement has been secured, despite denial of liability, for a cyclist following a collision which left him with serious injuries.

Posted on 07 August 2020

A cyclist who was injured when he was hit by the driver of a car has received a settlement for the severe injuries he suffered, despite a denial of liability from the driver’ insurers.

In September 2018, British Cycling member Ian was out with his cycling club in Oxfordshire when he needed to stop for a break. He signalled and pulled out from the group of cyclists. He moved over to the verge on the opposite side of the road.

At the same time, a driver of a car attempted to overtake the group of cyclists and crashed into the rear wheel of Ian’s bike. He was thrown forwards through the air and landed on the road suffering serious injuries including a brain injury, spinal injury, facial fractures, a fractured leg and internal injuries.

Ian has always been a keen cyclist and as a member of British Cycling had access to the specialist legal team at Leigh Day who were able to complete a full investigation into the collision, reviewing the police report, photographs and diagrams and speaking to the investigating officer.

The team also interviewed several members of Ian’s cycling club and prepared witness statements for them. As they were riding in formation at the time, each witness had a slightly different view of the collision. This was especially crucial as the driver’s insurer firmly denied liability and refused to pay for Ian’s rehabilitation.

Leigh Day managed to secure a financial settlement for Ian which is helping to compensate him for his injuries, losses and expenses.

Ian said: “My case has been a real battle from the start. I can’t remember what happened in the crash because of my injuries. The defendant refused to accept liability so my solicitor, David Preston, had to do a lot of work to investigate. He never gave up and I am really pleased we managed to secure a settlement.”

Leigh Day solicitor David Preston, who represented Ian, said: “I am delighted that we reached a settlement in Ian’s claim. I know that Ian has been through a terrible ordeal since the collision. I hope the settlement will mean that Ian can put everything behind him and focus on the future.”