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Leigh Day expert to give insight at events highlighting global danger of toxic chemicals

British and European Union policy makers will be shown the real-life consequences of the dangerous class of “forever” chemicals through panel discussions and screenings of the film Dark Waters this week.  These toxic chemicals are often found in consumer products and food packaging, resulting in contamination of food, water, wildlife and people around the globe.

Posted on 04 February 2020

The film Dark Waters is the real-life legal drama of a farmer fight against a global chemical company that poisoned his land, cattle and community with “forever” chemicals.  The film is told from the vantage of U.S. lawyer Rob Bilott, who represented the farmer.  As the story unfolds, it becomes clear that the poisoned water supply has affected 70,000 people, causing birth deformities, and that the issue is one which has national and global implications.
Panels in Brussels and London this week will feature Rob Bilott, actor Mark Ruffalo (who plays Mr. Bilott) and director Todd Haynes).  Also, on the panel will be Baskut Tuncak, consultant to Leigh Day solicitors.  Since 2014, Baskut has served as U.N. Special Rapporteur, informing and advising the Human Rights Council of infringements of human rights around the world due to toxic substances and wastes.  He is the founder of Common Rights, an international consultancy working to find solutions to the complex challenges of protecting the rights of people affected by the toxic pollution.  Baskut has recently entered into a collaboration with the international team at Leigh Day solicitors. 
A special screening of the film will be held on Tuesday 4 February in Brussels, followed Wednesday 5 February with a briefing for European Union lawmakers.
In London, on Thursday 6 February, Dark Waters will be the focus of a conversation event at Westminster.  Again, on the expert panel at Forever Chemicals: a generational catastrophe will be Baskut Tuncak.
MPs, peers, civil servants, government agency representatives and the media have been invited to the event which aims to directly press for action towards regulating forever chemicals and remove them from UK food packaging, thereby minimising future exposure and preventing harmful human, animal and environmental effects.
Baskut Tuncak, part of the international team at Leigh Day, said: 

"This is a welcome opportunity to help policy makers see some of the devastating consequences of toxic chemical pollution on innocent victims, including here in Europe.”
Links for registration and other details –  https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/DarkWatersregistration2020