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Law firm threatening legal action over A-level grades

Students who feel they have been adversely affected by the A-level results published last Thursday may be entitled to pursue a legal claim for damages.

Posted on 17 August 2020

Any action taken by the Government and Ofqual to make up for unjust difficulties caused by the lower-than-expected grades awarded to many students may now be too late.
Leigh Day solicitor Tina Patel explained:
“Whatever action the Government takes may already be too late for many students, for whom the damage caused by these lower results will already have been done.
“Conditional offers will have been revoked, universities sponsorships may have been lost, many students will have to wait another year before their promised place at university becomes available.”
If you feel you may have a claim for damages, contact Tina Patel at tpatel@leighday.co.uk