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The Bureau of Investigative Journalism challenges decision not to release Russia report

An urgent legal challenge aimed at forcing the release of a report into potential Russian interference in British politics has been launched by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism.

Posted on 14 November 2019

The Bureau, represented by Leigh Day Solicitors, has written to the Prime Minister requesting the publication of the Russia report.
The Bureau argues the contents of the 50-page report, which examines the potential threat to the UK posed by Russia and how it may have influenced the Brexit referendum and 2017 election, are of the utmost public interest. 
The Bureau argues it is crucial to publish the Russia Report is published before Britain goes to the polls on December 12 and there is no lawful justification for delay.
Rosa Curling from Leigh Day Solicitors, acting on behalf of The Bureau, said:
"Our client believes the Prime Minister is failing to uphold his common law duty to disclose information that is in the public interest. Given the subject of the report and the imminent election, that public interest is time-sensitive – people need the information before casting their vote."
Rachel Oldroyd, The Bureau Editor, said:
“The absolute minimum voters in any democratic election should expect is the knowledge that the previous election was fair and free of outside interference.
“British voters are being denied that by No 10’s decision not to publish the parliamentary report on Russian electoral interference.
“It is our duty as journalists to do whatever we can to bring that information to light, and it’s that duty – free of any kind of partisanship – that has driven our decision to launch this legal action.”