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Survivor of physical abuse and child cruelty at Coventry children's homes awarded £20,000 in damages

A man in his late 40s has been awarded £20,000 in damages for the abuse and child cruelty he suffered at the Wisteria Lodge children's home during the 1980s from two men who were working as care workers.

Posted on 14 September 2018

The survivor of the abuse, who retains lifetime anonymity, brought his claim against Coventry City Council following the successful convictions Alan Todd and Ken Owen, two former care workers, who were convicted in February 2016 of six indecent assault and five child cruelty charges in relation to Todd, and five child cruelty charges in relation to Owen.

Todd and Owen were convicted for abuse which primarily took place at Wisteria Lodge Children’s Home, although concerns have been raised that Todd and Owen worked at other care homes in the Coventry area during the 1970s, 80s and 90s.

The survivor who was awarded damages, described physical assaults and acts of child cruelty at Wisteria Lodge children’s home by both Alan Todd and Ken Owen; he also experienced physical abuse by Alan Todd while he was resident at another children’s home in Coventry City Council’s care.

Following a successful civil claim by Leigh Day against Coventry City Council the damages were awarded in August 2018.

Alison Millar, head of the abuse team at Leigh Day, who has represented a number of children formerly in the care of Coventry City Council who were subjected to abuse by Todd and/or Owen, said:

“We are pleased to have reached a successful outcome for our client following the conclusion of the criminal proceedings against Alan Todd and Ken Owen. We hope that with the damages awarded he will be able to access the support he requires.”