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Statement from Leigh Day in relation to claims against the MoD on behalf of Iraqi civilians

Statement from Leigh Day in response to recent media stories

Posted on 16 May 2018

“The Iraqi cases we are currently bringing against the Ministry of Defence were issued in the British Courts over five years ago. By agreement with the MoD and the Courts they were ‘stayed’ pending the judgment from the High Court in December last year on four test cases.

“None of these cases are being taken against individual soldiers, they are exclusively against the MoD for alleged breaches of the Human Rights Act, and in some cases the Geneva Convention, over the treatment of civilian detainees in Iraq.

“The December judgment in the test cases that Iraqi civilians had their human rights breached whilst in detention, and that the MoD should pay them compensation, meant these 250 cases could be taken forward.

“In a number of other cases we have asked the MoD for further information to help determine their validity. We welcome the MoD statement that valid claims should be compensated."