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Employment Tribunal case against Deliveroo will not be impacted by 'disappointing' CAC outcome

​Solicitors representing Deliveroo riders in their fight for workers' rights have confirmed that their Employment Tribunal case against the food delivery company will not be impacted by the ruling in favour of Deliveroo by the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC) yesterday.

Posted on 15 November 2017

The CAC judgment related only to a group of Deliveroo riders in Camden and Kentish Town who were represented by the IWGB union. The judgment ruled that the riders are not ‘workers’ and are therefore not entitled to be represented by the trade union IWGB for the purposes of collective bargaining.
A separate case on behalf of more than 40 riders, who work under different contracts and conditions to those in the Camden and Kentish Town case, is due to be heard by the Employment Tribunal in July 2018.
The Deliveroo riders claim that they are entitled to rights including the national minimum wage and holiday pay.
Annie Powell, solicitor in the employment team at Leigh Day, said:
“The recent CAC decision in relation to Deliveroo riders in Camden and Kentish Town is disappointing. However, it is important to note that different Deliveroo riders work under different contracts with different working conditions.
“In the current Employment Tribunal claim, all the riders we represent work in a different way to those in Camden and Kentish town, who were the subject of this CAC decision. Their claims will not be impacted by this decision.”