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Laura Scott (1)

Cycling injury - Laura's story

Laura was involved in a cycling incident while heading out to meet a friend for lunch in east London and sustained serious concussion. 

As Laura was cycling, she was knocked from her bike when a car door swung open in front of her, and she sustained a serious concussion. Over the next few weeks Laura was put on bed rest with strict orders not to read, watch TV, or look at any screen, while she recovered.

The day after the incident, British Cycling put Laura in touch with Leigh Day and we were able to successfully obtain compensation for her whilst she focused getting on getting back on the bike.
Laura said “The lawyer who handled my case walked me through the whole process, told me what to document and was incredibly patient with all my questions.

Leigh Day took care of everything and reassured me I would be reimbursed for the damage to my bike (which like many cyclists was my main concern at first). They took away the stress of my incident, and let me focus on healing.”

'To be protected and have some type of coverage just seems logical, I don't know why you wouldn't'”

Laura talking about her British Cycling membership