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Run flat tyre claims

Leigh Day is investigating a potential group claim involving damage to tyres and alloy wheels while using run flat tyres.

Posted on 14 March 2024

Leigh Day is investigating a potential group claim involving damage to tyres and alloy wheels while using run flat tyres. 

We have received reports of damage to alloys and tyres in Mercedes cars allegedly caused by the use of run flat tyres. However, it may be that other vehicles have sustained similar damage. Have your tyres and / or alloys been damaged from using run flat tyres in any vehicle? If so, you may be entitled to bring a claim.

What are run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres, or “self-supporting” tyres, are designed to keep working for a short time even after they have sustained a puncture. They are reported to also reduce the risk of a blowout which can potentially be very dangerous, particularly at high speeds.

How do run flat tyres work?

The tyre contains a tough rubber insert which allows it to temporarily hold the weight of the vehicle after a puncture. A regular tyre’s sidewalls would collapse following a puncture, as they are supported by the air in the tyre only.

What is the claim about?

Reports of regular damage to run flat tyres, as well as damage to alloys, have been made which we believe may be as a consequence of run flat tyres being used. Leigh Day has been informed of multiple tyres having to be changed in a short period of time, and alloys cracking, requiring replacement. We are currently investigating the potential for a group claim to be brought.

How much could a claim be worth?

The total pay-out of a claim considers several factors and varies on an individual basis. Estimates may differ, but we will fight for a justified conclusion for all.

How do I join the claim?

Register your interest by filling in our questionnaire.

Why choose Leigh Day?

A leading firm

At Leigh Day we don’t shy away from tackling power institutions, such as governments or big businesses. Our track record for taking on large claims on behalf of individuals comes from the deep-rooted desire to give everyone access to justice.

Group claims

Often, a problem faced by one is a problem faced by many. Group claims allow us to build stronger cases and seek justice for more victims. They benefit from knowing they are not alone, which helps sufferers come to term with what happened, build confidence in their case, and fight together.

Social justice

At the core of our firm is a shared belief in ensuring everyone has equal access to justice. This belief incorporates into our relationships with our staff, service providers, local community, and clients.