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Regulatory and disciplinary - self-reporting

Assisting a solicitor to self-report and persuading the SRA to take no action

We were instructed by a solicitor whose former firm was considering reporting him to the SRA over concerns that he had sent deliberately misleading emails to a Court and litigation opponent years earlier.

We advised on and prepared correspondence that enabled him to obtain the matter files and documents he needed to refresh his memory and prepare his explanations to the firm. We also advised him about his reporting obligations to the SRA, helped him to prepare the self-report and advised on potential outcomes. The comprehensive and carefully reasoned report we helped him write set out that he had not intended to mislead; the SRA decided not to take disciplinary action against him.

What our clients say

I want to thank you for your work and understanding of my situation. At the time I approached you, it was very distressing and it was really helpful to talk through and be fully advised on the regulatory and tactical matters. You clearly gave careful and thoughtful consideration to those issues, and I am sure all of that contributed to making this a smooth as could be hoped for. I felt in very good hands throughout. But that is not all you contributed. As well as an understanding of law and practice, so much of my case involved telling a personal story, and that involves being a good listener. I really do think that is such an important skill as a solicitor – being able to listen and knowing what questions to ask. Again, in that aspect of the case, I really relied on you to have understood my situation at the time of the events in question, and where to ask questions, and that was not easy, given the lapse of time since those events. In particular, I felt you understood me and the firm that I worked for, and that was really important.

Client of Leigh Day