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Human rights

Does the law do enough to protect the rights of LGBT people?

After a man was recently 'rejected from London flatshare because he is gay', Nigel Mackay examines whether the laws protecting LGBT people are adequate. 

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Laser eye surgery: beware the high street salesman

Product liability partner Jill Paterson discusses the lack of regulation in the corrective eye surgery sector

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Consumer Safety Law Update – What defect?

Thomas Jervis looks at some of the highlights of Boston Scientific Medizintechnik GmbH v AOK Sachsen-Anhalt case, along with an analysis as to why this is such a major step forward for consumers injured by products in the UK

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More evidence of local authorities' disappointing application of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

Care Quality Commission report and Essex County Council and RF & Others

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Cerebral palsy

Deprivation of liberty at home – a backward step?

The Court of Protection recently handed down a striking judgment in which it has asked the Supreme Court to ‘reconsider’ whether Article 5 is engaged in the context of deprivation of liberty at home following the landmark judgment in Cheshire West

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Discrimination against disabled people in the workplace still common

Employment and discrimination lawyer Emma Satyamurti talks about new research published by Leigh on workplace attitudes to people with disabilities

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Product safety consumer law

White goods recalls: it's time to make things black and white

Consumer lawyer campaigner Jill Paterson looks at Coroner Walker's recommendations to overhaul household appliance regulation in the UK

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Cap on Compensatory Award for Unfair Dismissal

A cap on the amount of compensation awarded in unfair dismisal claims has been announced.

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