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Leigh Day is a law firm practically unique in giving legal advice solely to individuals. The firm’s experience includes fighting for human rights in this country and overseas, claims for compensation for illness and injury as well as employment rights for individuals who may have been discriminated against or not paid what they earned.

Within these teams are experts on a wide range of specific issues and whilst our news section can keep you up to date with our cases and our comments on the news, this blog is intended for longer posts, written by our experts, so that they can give their views on current topics, or those issues which they are dealing with for clients. We hope you find them interesting and that if you do you’ll share them on social media or simply with those you feel may be affected by the issues raised.

Latest blog posts

Blog Post
Women Cycling
Personal injury Cycling Cycling claims

Being a good cycling neighbour

Rory McCarron has put together a guide about road defects and how to be a good cycling neighbour .

Blog Post
High Court London
Regulatory Regulatory and disciplinary

Private lives: navigating the scope of regulation post-Beckwith

Gideon Habel takes a closer look at the High Court's judgment in Beckwith v SRA.

Blog Post
Jail Cell
Human rights Human rights abuses

Urgent review of COVID restrictions in prisons needed to tackle growing mental health crisis

Benjamin Burrows and Ellie Sutherland discuss the impact of COVID restrictions on the mental health of UK prison inmates