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Leigh Day is a law firm practically unique in giving legal advice solely to individuals. The firm’s experience includes fighting for human rights in this country and overseas, claims for compensation for illness and injury as well as employment rights for individuals who may have been discriminated against or not paid what they earned.

Within these teams are experts on a wide range of specific issues and whilst our news section can keep you up to date with our cases and our comments on the news, this blog is intended for longer posts, written by our experts, so that they can give their views on current topics, or those issues which they are dealing with for clients. We hope you find them interesting and that if you do you’ll share them on social media or simply with those you feel may be affected by the issues raised.

Latest blog posts

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Child Labour
Child Labour

The mental health impact of child labour in supply chains

Following World Mental Health Day, marked by the World Health Organisation on every 10 October, Malik Gray and Rachel Bonner discuss the need for more recognition and awareness of the mental health ramifications of child labour in supply chains.

Blog Post
Equal Pay
Equal Pay Now Employment Workers rights

Every little helps: how equal value claims are addressing unequal pay in the workplace

Earlier today employment partner Emma Satyamurti was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour discussing the importance of pay and benefits in achieving equality. Here, she looks at the role Leigh Day’s Equal Pay Now campaign is playing in addressing the balance.

Blog Post
Afghanistan Taliban International Day of the Girl Afghan women Afghan girls United Nations

Afghan women and girls losing decades of hard-fought progress

In the month of the United Nations International Day of the Girl Child, Claire Powell looks at the prospects for women and girls in Afghanistan following the Taliban’s return to power.