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Tom Burton

Senior associate solicitor

Tom Burton is a Senior Associate in the Personal Injury Team in London

Tom is a member of Leigh Day’s specialist personal injury team.

Tom assists Sally with high value catastrophic injury claims involving traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, serious orthopaedic injuries, and amputee cases.

He also has his own wide ranging case load consisting of cases in areas of employers’ liability, public liability, road traffic collisions and PTSD/stress at work following traumatic events.

Tom has developed a specialist practice advising on employment liability claims in the construction industry. He is regularly instructed by scaffolders and construction workers who have sustained catastrophic injuries following accidents at work.

What our clients say

Well I met Tom burton over 4 1/2 years ago, I had a very difficult and complex case in the construction industry, scaffolding accident, Tom showed excellent and expert knowledge in regards to most matters. He was always on hand and helpful and practical. I gained full trust in him and knew he always had my back, I feel like he went above and beyond to make it as easy and understandable as he could, would strongly recommend him.

Mr D via Trustpilot

What our clients say

It was my good fortune to be assigned Tom Burton as my solicitor after the unfortunate incident of being hit by a car whilst cycling just over two weeks before my wedding. It was a rough incident leaving me with two broken wrists and the loss of a tooth. It felt very alarming at the time but i was comforted by Toms steadfast and kind guidance, his prompt communication and sincere sensitivity to my situation and any naive requests, worries or questions i have had over the last two years. I cannot believe my luck that Tom was my solicitor, or the sensational value and protection you receive with comes with unbelievable expert and experienced support of Leigh Day. I'm stunned by the value that comes with having a British Cycling membership which gives you access to the incredible resource of the team at Leigh Day - with my injuries and my brain spinning at the incident and the loss of my bike just before our (overseas!) wedding I would not have known where to start. Tom has been such a calm guide. After two years of rehabilitation enabled by Tom and his hard work working with insurance company, Tom was able to get the best result possible for me.

Emma via Trustpilot

What people say

"I am enormously grateful for their support and Tom Burton's tenacity throughout the process. I was kept informed consistently throughout the past year and have now received a fair compensation." - Dave Rogers, via Trustpilot

"Leigh and days workers were very supportive and actually cared about how I was feeling. I’m always going to use them when required." Thank you. - Richard

"Support, advice, communication, availability, a personal approach and the follow up emails I received were all fantastic. I will support British Cycling and always recommend Leigh Day as long as I live. Even though I will not be cycling again I have since my accident and will do so for as long as I live pay the membership fee to British Cycling in the hope that the fee will help other cyclists in the future. Thank you Leigh Day. You have made an unbelievable difference to my very different life and I will be forever grateful" - Emma

"Tom, I appreciate all the work that you have put into my claim. You have been a pleasure to work with. I wanted to thank you for your thoughtfulness and patience during this long procedure.

"The likely hood of every meeting in person is small but it would be nice to some day thank you in person as I have felt you have always had my best interest in mind and have advocated for me respectfully." - Joan (Canadian client)

"My father suffered serious injury following a RTA. Sally and Tom took care of his claim, leaving no issue unexplored, in what was a difficult case to value. Sally and Tom's advice was always very clear and understandable. They worked extremely hard to ensure that my father received the best compensation deal which covered his losses and assisted with his recovery in a way which suited his needs and wishes. Always understanding and empathetic to his needs, I am delighted we had Leigh Day in our corner." - Gian Luigi

What our clients say

Tom Burton was my case solicitor for a cycling claim where I was badly injured putting my career in jeopardy. At every point he kept me informed and was proactive in organising expert opinions to a dead line for an early settlement.

James S via Trustpilot

What our clients say

Tom Burton the solicitor handling the case was excellent and always available to provide advice when required. I would thoroughly recommend them.

PR via Trustpilot

What our clients say

Over the past two years I have received excellent advice and support from Tom Burton regarding my bicycle accident and claim for personal injuries. The resulting settlement I have just received is very satisfactory plus the medical advice he arranged has been extremely helpful.

Paul via Trustpilot

What our clients say

Leigh Day are a great company to deal with. They were always available at the end of a phone and gave me regular updates on progress. I was given good advice all through including arranging assessments by medical professionals to backup my case.

Phillip via Trustpilot