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Suzanne Akkawi


Suzanne is a solicitor in the international department

Armed forces War

Suzanne is a solicitor in the international department, specialising in international human rights claims, with a particular focus on claims arising out of war and armed conflict. Suzanne is also a qualified lawyer in a civil law jurisdiction.

Legal expertise

Since joining Leigh Day in 2009, Suzanne has assisted Sapna Malik and Martyn Day on a number of high-profile claims including:

  • Claims on behalf of Iraqi detainees against the British Ministry of Defence, who succeeded in their claims for unlawful detention and/or mistreatment following a ground-breaking judgment delivered in December 2017;
  • The cases of several men detained and cruelly abused by British military during the notorious Camp Breadbasket incident in May 2003;
  • Claims against the British Ministry of Defence by Iraqi Locally Employed Civilians for damages for the personal injuries and/or financial losses they have sustained as a result of their employment by the British army as interpreters in Iraq from 2003 onwards.