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Sophie Turner

Senior associate solicitor

Sophie Turner is an associate solicitor in the international department.

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Sophie is a senior associate working in the international department, specialising in international human rights claims against companies and the state. She has developed particular expertise in the field of conflict of laws.

Legal expertise

Since joining Leigh Day in 2012, Sophie has worked on a number of complex cases across multiple jurisdictions, including:

  • Claims by Peruvian citizens against Xstrata Ltd for harm suffered during the course of a protest against the company’s mining operations in Peru in 2012;
  • A claim against the UK Security Services (MI5 and MI6) for their alleged involvement in the illegal rendition of Mr Belhaj and Ms Boudchar to Gaddafi’s Libya in 2004. On 10 May 2018, the Prime Minister publicly apologised to them, recognising that the UK government had contributed to their detention, rendition and suffering;
  • Claims by Malawian citizens against tea companies for abuse and discrimination suffered during the course of their work on plantations;
  • Claims by Iraqi civilians against the Ministry of Defence;
  • A claim against a major pharmaceutical company on behalf of an individual who suffered serious injury during the course of a clinical trial.

Prior to joining Leigh Day, Sophie had worked in the asylum and human rights field in London and Brussels and interned at the UNHCR. Sophie speaks fluent French, German and Spanish.


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