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Lucia Saborio Perez


Lucia is a paralegal in the international and group claims department.

Lucia first joined Leigh Day as a paralegal in the international department in September 2022. She works in Daniel Leader’s team on international group litigation, particularly environmental and human rights cases against multinational companies. 

Legal expertise

Lucia works on claims brought by over 13,000 individuals from the Bille and Ogale communities in the Niger Delta in a case against Shell. The claimants allege that their environment has been devastated by oil pollution. She also works on climate litigation. 

Lucia recently completed a clerkship at the European Court of Human Rights. She was previously with Greenpeace International’s Legal Unit and the Environmental Defenders Office, and provided research assistance on ICJ cases. She has worked on state and corporate climate accountability cases and advisory proceedings across five continents and at three international courts.


Lucia has an LLM with distinction in Environmental Law and Policy from University College London. She completed her LLB in Politics, Philosophy and Law at King’s College London. Lucia volunteered for the UCL Public International Law Pro Bono Project and the King’s Human Rights and Environment Legal Clinic.