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Jessica Hunt

Senior Associate

Jessica Hunt is a senior associate in the employment department.

Discrimination Employment Equal pay

Jessica is currently working on large multi-party discrimination claims, as well as acting for individual claimants regarding various aspects of employment and discrimination law.

Jessica has experience regarding age, race and sex discrimination claims, as well as claims relating to sexual harassment, victimisation and equal pay.

Jessica began working at Leigh Day in August 2013, original in the personal injury team before moving to the employment and discrimination team in 2014, where she qualified in January 2018.

What people say

"It was especially a great pleasure to work with Jessica Hunt.

She is very intelligent, knowledgeable, empathetic, supportive, always giving more than outstanding advice and most importantly she has a sincere passion for her profession. Her great professionalism and legal skills enabled me to reach a successful settlement. I know it would not be possible without her. I will remain forever grateful for a successful outcome and so much needed support in this difficult time."

Legal expertise

Jessica has worked on successful claims for thousands of police officers with regards to age discrimination in relation to their pension, as well as claims against their Staff Association for age discrimination and victimisation.

Jessica’s work also involves providing free legal advice under the Equal Pay Advice Service, partnered with the Fawcett Society, working on various Equal Pay matters for employees that might not otherwise be able to afford legal advice.

She has also worked for individuals regarding various areas of employment and discrimination law.

Jessica has experience of volunteering for a sexual harassment advice line, assisting vulnerable employees.

She has also contributed to supporting people with visible differences by assisting with guidance notes in relation to individual rights at wok relating to disfigurement, that are shared by various charities.

Jessica has also been involved in a mentoring programme for University students.


Jessica is a member of the Employment Lawyers Association.