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Scholarship fund 

We believe in increasing accessibility to the legal profession for all aspiring lawyers and are delighted to be able to offer a scholarship fund to cover LPC fees for a 2022 trainee who has received a training contract offer from Leigh Day.

The scholarship will only be awarded to an individual on merit and financial need. The successful recipient will be free to choose where they complete their LPC and which electives to take.

Assessing financial need 

We use RARE (CRS) to contextualise the socio-economic and personal circumstances of an applicant during the period they were/ are in full time education.

A series of questions covering these circumstances will be asked to assess your need for the scholarship fund. You will not automatically receive confirmation that your circumstances meet the eligibility criteria at the point of application.

The information you share at application stage is self-certified. Should you be successfully selected for the scholarship fund, you will be expected to provide evidence of your need, before it can be awarded.

Please find a list of the typical circumstances you will be asked and examples of evidence you would need to provide, if successful:

  • Were you eligible for free school meals = Local Authority statements or proof of household income
  • Did you regularly undertake paid work during term time = Employment contracts or payslips
  • Are you or have you been a registered carer = Local Authority statements
  • Have you spent time in care = Local Authority statements
  • Did you come to the UK as a refugee/ asylum seeker = UK Visas and Immigration documentation

Confirming your wish to be considered for the scholarship fund

Should you feel your circumstances meet the criteria for assessing financial need and wish to be considered for the scholarship fund, you must answer the Contextual Information questions and confirm that you have read, understood and agree to the award terms (below).

Scholarship award terms 

  • You have not already completed or are currently completing your LPC
  • You can provide evidence of the circumstances used to assess financial need
  • You have accepted a training contract offer from Leigh Day for 2021
  • Should you fail to complete the LPC, decline the training contract offer after receiving the award, choose to leave the firm or are dismissed prior to completing your training contract, you will repay the total amount of the sponsorship fees
  • Should you choose to leave the firm or are dismissed for any reason after completing your training contract, you will not be required to repay any sponsorship fees