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Lauren Chaplin Landscape

Lauren Chaplin: Trainee in the PI team

After graduating, I knew I wanted a high-impact career in social justice. Did that mean law? Definitely not. University careers fairs had led me to form the impression that being a lawyer was shorthand for being a corporate solicitor, which seemed incompatible with the issues I was interested in. Learning about Leigh Day’s fearless work championing progressive causes and representing claimants challenged my misconceptions, and I feel grateful to have secured a job here.

The application process was straightforward, and I found both my interviews rigorous but also enjoyable. It was clear that the panels questioning me were genuinely interested in my motivations and thought processes, as well as in my grades and experience. This really is an environment where you can bring your whole self to work.

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There’s a genuine open-door policy at Leigh Day. Feedback is always available and training sessions and volunteering opportunities are plentiful. If you’re curious, friendly and determined to make a difference, you’ll do well here.

Since starting my first seat in the Industrial Disease team within Personal Injury, I’ve been able to work across all areas of cases, from conducting defendant research to drafting settlement offers. Meeting clients is a particular highlight - a reminder of the people-centric nature of the firm’s work. I’ve been consistently impressed by the diligence and empathy of my colleagues. Watching my supervisor and team tenaciously pursue the best outcome for each client is incredibly inspiring, and it’s meaningful to come to work each day and make a contribution to that.