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It has been a busy few months in the world of wheels and for that reason alone I must apologise for a slight absence on the Leigh Day blogging front.

For once I have an excuse of sorts, other than simply riding my bike all day, or 'working' as it can be somewhat funnily put.

I was in fact back in London for the festive period and as such had a seemingly full-time schedule catching up with my often neglected friends and family.

For most people I don't think this period would have been anything out of the ordinary, and whilst I shouldn't make it sound arduous, as it really was quite delightful, I do have to say I find it much easier to ride my bike for five hours everyday than walk around lots and do late nights!

It is a real shock to the system (don't believe the hype about athletes being 'hard', we are soft really..) and it had me absolutely shattered!

Unfortunately this wasn't the only shock to the system. After glorious blue skies and sunshine in Girona for the two months prior to my return to London, the Capital and my training roads of Essex had obviously planned to remind me how wet and torrid bike rides can be.

So whilst many of you opened presents and sat around the table stuffed to the brim, many a soaking hour were spent (sometimes enjoyed) on the scarily flooded lanes... Oh life is so hard eh?!

All joking aside, my ten days at home gave me a real appreciation for how great I have had it here in Girona, with amazing scenery, climbs and weather to enjoy on a daily basis.

But that said it was still really great to head back to good old blighty, sample some of my mums cooking and generally relax a little, one of the big benefits of being a full time bike rider.

Tao provides pictorial evidence of the joys of UK riding over riding in his adopted Catalunya

For now I am back here in Catalunya, my adopted home that I grown more and more fond of everyday - embracing the quirks of Spanish culture and meeting plenty of new friends.

I will spend another six weeks here, working hard for the season ahead, before heading over to the States to join my new team Bissell DT for a ten day training camp in California (see life really is exceedingly hard).

That's when the real adventures will start and hopefully I can give you a little insight along the way!

For now a big thanks for reading, and of course to Leigh Day for their continued support of my passion for riding my bike.



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