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Campaigning for a cycle-friendly world

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We want cycling to become a vehicle for change in our cities, and that means more people on bikes.
We’re campaigning to break down the barriers that discourage more people from cycling.

Two perceptions need to be tackled:
  • ‘Cyclists’ aren’t a separate tribe, we can all be people who ride bikes.
  • Remove the fear factor that prevents many people from riding a bike, particularly women.
We work with road safety groups, traffic authorities, law makers, anyone who can help us make our roads better places to cycle.
We are active members of RoadPeace, a national charity for road crash victims, supporting those bereaved or injured, and working for road safety.
With Road Peace we are part of the Action Against Lorry Danger campaign, and we represent families bereaved by traffic crashes at Inquests.
Grant Incles, our cycling team leader, and Sally Moore, the Head of the Personal Injury Team are members of the All Party Parliamentary  Cycling Group. Its aim is to get more people cycling in the UK, more often.
Many of our staff cycle to Leigh Day’s London offices, which neighbour Barts hospital in Smithfields, so we have partnered with the Bespoke study, supported by the Barts Charity Safe Cycling Appeal, to explore the causes of bicycle-related injuries in London.
The Bespoke project is a collaboration between the research teams of the Orthopaedic and Emergency Departments of Europe’s busiest trauma centre at the Royal London Hospital. Leading consultants at this hospital see some of the most serious and life-threatening injuries, and have observed a nearly 400% increase in cycling-related injuries over the last 10 years.
Sally Moore with Bespoke team

As people who ride bicycles, the team’s ultimate aim is to prevent cycle-related traumatic injury and encourage cycling for all.


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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.