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Zahra Nanji's Profile Picture
Zahra was amazing, she gave me absolute confidence in the way she handled my case from start to finish.  I am so pleased with the outcome and happy to be getting on with my life with my wife and daughter. Thank you again Zahra. – Chris, client of Zahra
Zahra had an immense knowledge of the legal process, which was very reassuring as I had not been in the position before, and the reality of litigation is much more complicated than a lay-person could possibly comprehend without a truly competent solicitor to guide them. – Client of Zahra
ZZahra qualified as a solicitor in May 2006 after training at Powell Spencer & Partners. She joined Leigh Day in August 2007. Zahra was a member of the personal injury team before she joined the product safety and consumer law team in March 2017. Zahra also works on international and corporate accountability cases. 

Zahra is a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and is accredited as an APIL Litigator.

Zahra represents people who have been seriously injured and who have turned to her for her technical expertise and approachable manner.   She is praised for her ability to gain the trust and confidence of her clients, as well as for being unafraid to handle challenging claims. 

Zahra has a special interest in complex and life changing injuries, including those arising from road traffic and work place accidents, injury from defective products and assault. She has experience in dealing with a range of injuries including, brain injury, severe burns, amputation, paralysis, spinal injury, complex orthopaedic injury, ocular injuries (including loss of sight) and psychological injuries.  

Zahra has been involved in the ‘Iraqi Civilian Litigation’, the ‘metal-on-metal hip implant litigation’ and has investigated defective products including medical devices and cars. 

Zahra is currently representing a number of women who alleged that their textured breast implants have caused a rare form of blood cancer, ALCL. 

Zahra in the news

Zahra wrote a regular Health and Safety update in the Solicitors Journal from 2009 until 2016 including

Will new guidelines improve health and safety compliance? Solicitors Journal 21.03.16.

Zahra has appeared on BBC’s Law in Action to talk about changes in health and safety legislation. 

What clients say about Zahra 

“I really do think you have done very very well in helping me through this and you will be one of the few people in life that I have met that have genuinely tried to help me to move forward with a difficult situation."

"Her insistence not to settle the case  and to arrange further reports meant that I got the medical treatment that I needed particularly, which most likely resulted in saving my kidneys from failure in the longer term."
T, a client of Zahra

"With the help of Leigh Day and specifically Zahra Nanji, my family’s future is more secure. The case lasted almost five years but throughout that difficult and uncertain time, Zahra was always there to support us and most importantly believed in us! She was not prepared to be intimidated!"
Martin - a client of Zahra

"This was not a straightforward case. However, Zahra slowly and meticulously gained my confidence and trust. At each stage she reassured me and allayed my anxieties. We received an offer of settlement which exceeded both our expectations."
Mr Barnes - a client of Zahra

"I thank all Leigh Day solicitors, especially Zahra Nanji who has represented me and who has helped me from the beginning to the end of the case.  The compensation of £100,000 will help me to address the many challenges that I face as I return to a relatively normal life"
Mr B - a client of Zahra

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