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Fiona Huddleston's Profile Picture
Thank you to Fiona Huddleston for her professionalism during my case. Fiona was always sensitive and understanding and I am very grateful for all her efforts. – Client of Fiona Huddleston
I would also like to thank and commend Fiona Huddleston on her patience and hard work on my case. A true star! – Client of Fiona Huddleston
Fiona is an associate solicitor in the clinical negligence department.

Fiona has a varied case load covering a wide range of medical issues including birth injuries (to the mother and child), gynecological injuries, orthopedic injuries and psychiatric injuries. Fiona often represents clients who have sustained physical injuries as a result of the mismanagement of their mental health condition.
Fiona has a particular interest in neurosurgical cases and has been representing clients’ with complex brain injuries for nearly 10 years.

Fiona has also developed her inquest practice and regularly represents families who have lost loved ones at inquests when there are concerns in relation to the care provided by health professionals, often with a human rights overlap.

Key cases

  • Securing a settlement of £2.1 million plus provisional damages for a man with an underlying mental health condition who suffered a debilitating orthopaedic injury.
  • Representing the family of Joyce Patterson at the inquest into her death at which the Coroner concluded that her death was contributed to by neglect.  
  • Obtaining a six-figure sum of compensation for a woman following negligent foot surgery
  • Settling a claim for £45,000 for a woman whose daughter was stillborn

Fiona’s other recent settlements include:

  • £250,000 for an man in his 70s who suffered from gentamicin toxicity
  • £85,000 for a woman who underwent a hysterectomy (due to delays in delivery)
  • £90,000 for a woman who suffered psychiatric injuries as a result of a traumatic labour

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