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Factory injury results in six-figure payout

A Polish client has received compensation after being injured in a work-place accident

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13 November 2008

Mr Mariusz Olszewski has successfully concluded his claim for compensation for personal injury sustained as a result of an accident at work on 24 November 2005.

Mariusz was injured whilst working in a plastics factory. He was using a machine cutting unused plastic material into small pieces so that they then could be crushed and reused. When the machine became blocked, it would be opened and the blockage removed without risk to injury due to a safety mechanism which stopped the electrical circuit when the machine was opened.

On the day of the accident, Mariusz opened the machine to clear a blockage. As he cleared the waste material, the machine started again, causing a deep laceration to his wrist and bone in his hand. It transpired that another employee had by-passed the safety mechanism and this resulted in the safety mechanism being turned off.

Mariusz was taken to hospital where he remained for two weeks undergoing three surgical operations. He remained off work for some time and required a course of rehabilitation.

Liability was admitted and as a result Leigh Day was able to secure compensation of over £100,000 in respect of his injury, treatment costs and lost earnings.

Mariusz was represented by Leigh Day's serious injury team.

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