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March 2008

  • Mr B has accepted a settlement of £10,000 as compensation for his unlawful imprisonment in immigration detention for 12 days. 31 March 2008
  • Our client had been suffering from long-term menorrhagia and although our client gave her consent for an ablation procedure, the nature of the procedure was not made clear. 26 March 2008
  • Henry Dyson, partner in the clinical negligence department at law firm Leigh Day & Co, has obtained a settlement for his client whose GP misdiagnosed his symptoms. 25 March 2008
  • British Cycling member Dr Philip Marren has received damages after being injured in a collision whilst out on a Sunday club run. 19 March 2008
  • Following the Leigh Day legal team’s successful visit to El Bagre, Colombia, in May 2007, members of the team recently returned to the country after being contacted by more local farmers 18 March 2008
  • 2006 came to a crashing end for Jack Peterson, a British Cycling member when he was out on a training run on 31st December 2006 along a country road in Northants. 3 March 2008

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