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Substantial settlement for widow of factory worker

Sally Moore, partner at law firm Leigh Day & Co, has recently settled a case for the widow of a man who died of mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma cancer cells

12 July 2006

The widow of a former factory worker has recovered £250,000 following his diagnosis with mesothelioma, a fatal form of lung cancer caused by asbestos.  He died 10 months after his diagnosis.

He was exposed to asbestos in the course of his employment as a warehouse manager at a food manufacturing company in Witby, North Yorkshire. One of his duties as warehouse manager was to carry out the annual boiler maintenance. In the course of those duties he was exposed to asbestos whilst removing and replacing the seals of the boiler, which were made of asbestos rope. He was never provided with any form of protective equipment or proper safety procedures.

He and his family migrated to Australia in 1988 and lived there until his death.

He was represented in the UK by Leigh Day & Co, partner Sally Moore and in Australia by Tim Hammond of Slater & Gordon's Perth Office. Slater & Gordon are the largest personal injury firm in Australia and leaders in the field of asbestos litigation in Australia.

Sally Moore comments:
“Sadly this is yet another example of a man cut down in his prime by mesothelioma, the deadly asbestos lung cancer. There are an ever increasing number of cases of people who worked with asbestos in the UK before emigrating to Australia and elsewhere in the world developing disease. The collaboration between Slater & Gordon in Australia and Leigh Day & Co in London meant that whilst there is no happy ending to a case like this the widow has received the financial compensation she was due”.

For further information please contact Daniel Easton on 020 7650 1200.

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

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