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January 2005

  • The parents of the premature baby Charlotte Wyatt were back in court on Friday following their daughter’s remarkable survival and signs of physical improvement. Their solicitor, Richard Stein, comments. 31 January 2005
  • The Corner House, who campaigns against corruption in international trade, has won an important double victory against the government who agreed to consult them on anti-corruption rules. 20 January 2005
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, have apologised for the death of a baby boy who died from a blockage in his breathing tube. His parents have received substantial damages including compensation for their psychiatric trauma. They were represented by clinical negligence solicitor Maria Panteli. 20 January 2005
  • A 20 year old woman who was left brain damaged by listerial meningitis when she was only a week old will receive £3.9 million compensation. She was represented by the joint head of Leigh Day’s clinical negligence department, Russell Levy. 12 January 2005
  • You and your colleagues - Ty i twoi koledzy z pracy 10 January 2005
  • A fifteen-year-old boy whose brain damage was caused by his poor treatment at Southampton General Hospital when he was only a few weeks old, has been awarded £1.5 million. He was represented by specialist clinical negligence solicitor Olive Lewin. 6 January 2005
  • A six year old girl who has cerebral palsy as a result of a delay in her delivery will receive a lump sum of over £1 million with the rest in index-linked annual payments. She was represented by clinical negligence solicitor and partner Frances Swaine. 5 January 2005
  • Debbie Chandler has been awarded a lump sum and annual payments after being left an almost complete amnesiac following an undiagnosed subarachnoid haemorrage. Her solicitor, Frances Swaine, a partner in the clinical negligence department, summarises the case. 4 January 2005

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