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January 2005

  • The Corner House, who campaigns against corruption in international trade, has won an important double victory against the government who agreed to consult them on anti-corruption rules. 20 January 2005
  • Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, have apologised for the death of a baby boy who died from a blockage in his breathing tube. His parents have received substantial damages including compensation for their psychiatric trauma. They were represented by clinical negligence solicitor Maria Panteli. 20 January 2005
  • A 20 year old woman who was left brain damaged by listerial meningitis when she was only a week old will receive £3.9 million compensation. She was represented by the joint head of Leigh Day’s clinical negligence department, Russell Levy. 12 January 2005
  • You and your colleagues - Ty i twoi koledzy z pracy 10 January 2005
  • A fifteen-year-old boy whose brain damage was caused by his poor treatment at Southampton General Hospital when he was only a few weeks old, has been awarded £1.5 million. He was represented by specialist clinical negligence solicitor Olive Lewin. 6 January 2005
  • A six year old girl who has cerebral palsy as a result of a delay in her delivery will receive a lump sum of over £1 million with the rest in index-linked annual payments. She was represented by clinical negligence solicitor and partner Frances Swaine. 5 January 2005
  • Debbie Chandler has been awarded a lump sum and annual payments after being left an almost complete amnesiac following an undiagnosed subarachnoid haemorrhage. Her solicitor, Frances Swaine, a partner in the clinical negligence department, summarises the case. 4 January 2005

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