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Leading product liability lawyer concerned that Recall UK service will close shortly

Easy to digest information on product recalls in the UK will no longer be available to consumers

Faulty dishwashers common cause of house fires

19 June 2014

A website service set up to inform consumers about potentially hazardous products that have been recalled in the UK will close at the end of June 2014 because of lack of funding.

Product liability lawyer and partner Jill Paterson has said she is concerned to see the service shut down.

She said: “anything that alerts consumers about the potential dangers of household products is extremely valuable.”

The Recall UK website listed types of household goods such as dishwashers, cookers, phone chargers and freezers that manufacturers have withdrawn from the market because they present a danger to the safety of the consumer.

One such example is faulty electrical goods that can overheat and catch fire, often with catastrophic consequences.

Jill is currently representing the family of a man who died in a house fire that was identified by the fire brigade as having been caused by a faulty fridge freezer.
Jill and her team are also investigating a number of other death or injury cases linked to domestic appliances. 

This includes the case of a young man who died from carbon monoxide poisoning which leaked from a recalled cooker.

Recall UK covered many other types of consumer products including cars, electrical products, domestic appliances and products affecting children.

Although manufacturers do issue recall notices if they discover that their goods are faulty or potentially dangerous many consumers are unaware of news.

Recall UK provided a useful source of information, free of charge to consumers, about manufacturers’ recalls which is often difficult to find.

Leigh Day has set up a campaigning group, Expect it’s safe – household appliances calling on manufacturers to do more to contact consumers when their products are recalled.

Jill Paterson said:

“We firmly believe that consumers should be able to expect that the products that come into their homes are safe.

“While it should be up to the manufacturers to do all they can to inform consumers of safety problems with their products we are concerned to see Recall UK close down as it provided a valuable consumer safety service.

“When we are contacted by clients who have suffered from house fires that have caused injury or worse they often had no idea that the appliances they were using on a daily basis were faulty and had been recalled.

“We believe that manufacturers should be making a much greater effort to contact consumers who have bought their products in good faith.”

To speak to a member of the product liability team for advice or information about potentially dangerous consumer products please phone now on 020 7650 1219 for a free initial consultation, email Jill, or fill in our enquiry form.

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