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Damages awarded for broken collar bone

British Cycling member Helen Simpson has recovered compensation

Helen Simpson

25 March 2010

British Cycling member Helen Simpson has successfully recovered damages after a road traffic collision, which occurred on the 18th July 2008, as she was cycling along High Street in Queensbury, Bradford.

As Helen travelled along High Street with the junction with Granby Street to her left hand side, a driver, who was travelling in the opposite direction, turned across Helen’s path. The impact caused Helen to lose control of her bicycle and she fell to the ground, suffering a serious injury including a broken collar bone and other soft tissue injuries.

Liability was admitted by the driver's insurers and after undertaking a number of medical assessments, Helen was able to negotiate settlement with the third party insurers, for compensation for her injuries.

Helen was represented by Leigh Day & Co’s cycling and sports injuries team and her claim was supported and funded by British Cycling.

Information was correct at time of publishing. See terms and conditions for further details.

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