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Haven't you heard?

‘Haven’t you heard?’ from Leigh Day is a podcast for everyone interested in the law, especially on human rights issues which affect us all.  

In each episode Leigh Day lawyers discuss a topic with a special guest.

These include the former member of the band Communards and now vicar, Richard Coles who discusses LGBT rights, and Dawn Butler MP and her fight against the perceived  institutional racism of the Home Office over the Windrush scandal.

The speakers unpick each subject, exploring the impact on people’s lives, the role the legal system plays in addressing with these issues and what can be done to bring about positive change.

‘Haven’t you heard?’ is a conversational, accessible exploration of important issues affecting people’s human rights and the law in general. 

Our presenter

Dave Neita is known as the legal poet due to his legal background and his passion for poetry.  His core work involves the representation of excluded individuals and marginalized groups and his grassroots treatment of social issues in his poetry places him at the intersection of culture, social justice, arts and the law.
Born in Jamaica, Dave studied law in American and the UK, and was called to the UK bar in 2000.
Dave works on a wide range of causes and helps individuals and groups to discover their passion and direction through prose and poetry. Dave is seen by many as a facilitator of change and a voice of influence in the community.
Episode 4 - Sorry is not enough thumbnail

Episode 4 - Sorry is not enough

September 2018

It has become clear that successive Governments have sanctioned operations by the UK intelligence service in breach of human rights law. The recent case of Abdel Hakim-Belhaj led to a full apology from the prime minister for the role of the UK in his illegal rendition, alongside his pregnant wife, back to Libya.

Guest speakers

Cori Crider

Maya Foa

Episode 3 - The OMG test and why ‘care must be fair’ thumbnail

Episode 3 - The OMG test and why ‘care must be fair’

September 2018

NHS commissioning groups are responding to budget cuts by capping injured people’s Continuing Health Care packages. This is preventing many people with severe disability from receiving the care they need at home.

Guest speakers

Daniel Burden

Episode 2 - There’s no such thing as a traffic accident thumbnail

Episode 2 - There’s no such thing as a traffic accident

August 2018

Nearly 2,000 people die on our roads every year. Road deaths are sudden, violent and premature, and families rarely have a chance to say goodbye. The victims of road traffic crime should be treated as victims of crime, and their families given support and information.

Guest speakers

Cynthia Barlow

Episode 1 - Windrush:

Episode 1 - Windrush: "The fallout from a toxic policy"

July 2018

HMT Empire Windrush arrived at Tilbury Docks in June 1948, carrying Citizens of the United Kingdom and Colonies from Jamaica, and signalled the start of the post-war revival in which the hard work of new arrivals proved vital.
Now those very same people and their families, are suffering the repercussions of Theresa May’s ‘hostile environment’ policy towards immigrants. 

Guest speakers

Dawn Butler

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