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Specialist equipment

Specialist equipment for clients with brain or spinal injures

If you have a serious spinal cord injury or an acquired brain injury it is likely to have life-changing consequences for you, and for those people involved in your care. Although a legal case will not restore you to your pre-injury state of health you can use any compensation you are awarded to pay for early rehabilitation and specialist equipment.  This in turn can improve the quality of your life, and help you regain a level of independence. 

Equipment that has been designed for people with serious injuries, including spinal injuries and brain injuries, will help you to cope with your daily routines, leisure activities and can also help you return to the workplace. 

Accommodation adaptations, specialist equipment and the cost of living for people with spinal cord injuries and head injuries can be expensive. This is particularly so if you have to move home or radically adapt your house to accommodate a wheel-chair, or have to install lifts and specialist bathrooms.

Below is a list of equipment used by individuals with spinal injuries:

• A specially adapted car that can also accommodate a wheelchair
• Specialist wheelchairs
• Adapted accommodation that includes wheelchair ramps and widened doors
• A stairlift
• Walk-in shower and adapted bathrooms including a spa bath
• Shower wheelchair
• Body driers
• Hand and grab rails
• Installation of a downstairs toilet or bathroom
• Hoists and slings to help with transfers
• Adjustable beds and other furniture
• Anti-pressure mattress
• Waterproof cover for mattress
• Riser-recliner chairs
• Cordless telephone and other communication aids
• Voice activated computer systems
• Electronic curtain and lighting system
• Door entry system
• Hydrotherapy pool

Experts in the fields of occupational therapy, care, physiotherapy, accommodation and assistive technology will provide professional advice on the equipment that best meets the needs of each individual with a spinal injury or brain injury.

Specialist equipment for children with cerebral palsy

If your child has been born with cerebral palsy as a result of negligence you may be able to bring a claim for compensation which you can use to pay for specialist equipment and home adaptations.  It can be very tiring and physically demanding caring for a child with cerebral palsy especially as they get older, so being able to buy specialist equipment or installing adaptations to your home should help to make your life a little easier.  

Health professionals who specialise in areas such as occupational therapy, care, physiotherapy, accommodation and assistive technology will advise you on the tupe of equipment you may need at each stage of your child’s life as they grow and develop.

Examples of specialist equipment for children with cerebral palsy could include:

• Ankle-foot orthosis (a brace to stretch the Achilles tendon)
• Joint splints
• Bobath therapy (physical therapy to improve posture and movement)
• Lycra dynamic splinting (a material suit that supports the body)
• Standing frames
• Walking frames, gait trainers and other mobility aids
• Bath chairs
• Soft touch therapy rolls, wedges and mats
• Specialist seating systems
• Specialist pushchairs and wheelchairs
• Electronic communication devices
• Mountings for switches and communication devices
• Screen readers
• Cars that are able to accommodate wheelchairs
• House adaptations including widening doors for wheelchair access, lifts and ramps
• Walk-in showers, seats and driers
• Grab rails, hoists and slings
• Height adjustable beds and other furniture such as tables
• Waterproof and anti-pressure mattresses
• Installation of a downstairs toilet or bathroom
• Electronic curtain and lighting system
• Hydrotherapy pool
• Specialist eyewear
• Play equipment such as swings and bikes
• Sensory toys
• Writing aids
• Specialist sports equipment

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