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Immediate financial assistance

Access to early treatment and rehabilitation for clients with a serious injury such as a brain injury or spinal cord injury means you will often have a better long term recovery.

Wherever we can, our specialist head injury and spinal injury lawyers will make it a priority to secure financial assistance for you by way of interim payments to cover the cost of treatment, equipment, adapted or suitable accommodation, and other costs or losses suffered as a consequence of your injuries.

It is usually only possible to obtain interim payments where we can demonstrate liability for your injuries and the insurer for the party or defendants at fault is prepared to recognise this at an early stage.  Our lawyers will work to ensure that the insurers/defendants recognise that they are responsible and press them to acknowledge this.   This is more likely to occur in a road accident or accident at work than a clinical negligence claim, where issues of whether anyone was to blame can be more complex and take time to resolve.

Injuries arising from accidents
If your injury was caused by an accident (not medical treatment) then often, in complex cases, an independent clinical case manager is appointed.  Their role is to assess the support that is needed by undertaking an immediate needs assessment and coordinating its implementation.   Our lawyers will wherever possible seek to obtain interim funds to pay for the case manager's input and to ensure there are funds to implement the recommendations.  In cases involving brain injuries, we have secured interim payments upwards of £200,000 after the first meeting with insurers or the defendants however the level of interim payment will vary significantly depending on the nature and circumstances of the case.

Injuries arising from medical treatment
If your injuries arise from medical treatment it is rare for the defendants to make an early admission of liability and independent case managers are not appointed. However, if we can obtain some compensation for you before the end of the case we can help you employ a case manager to undertake an assessment of your needs and coordinate implementation of care, assistance and equipment that could help you.

Longer term financial assistance
In cases arising from both medical treatment and accidents in the longer term, we have obtained interim payments which have enabled the purchase and adaptation of a house for our brain injured clients.   Care and therapy teams have been set up to move with the client and their family into their adapted home with all the necessary equipment.   It is best if this can happen whilst the case is on-going as then we can claim the actual figure rather than base it on estimation.

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.