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After a serious injury such as an acquired brain injury or spinal injury, many of our clients require a home that is adapted to their specific needs to enable them to be independent or for their family to care for them within the home.  For example, very few homes are suitable for wheelchair use and they rarely have enough space to accommodate carers or support workers.  Sometimes it is possible to extend and adapt a home to make it bigger and more accessible.

This is equally true for clients with cerebral palsy, often children with CP benefit from sensory and specialist rooms, soft-play areas and even therapy pools which may not be possible in your existing house or flat.

The cost of adapting your house, or buying a new and larger home, can be included as part of your legal claim.  Your solicitor will be able to advise you on whether a claim can be made for either adaptation or the purchase of a new property. Adapted accommodation for a child with cerebral palsy can change the life of the whole family. 

You may find that your pre-injury house won’t be suitable for extension or adaptation, which means that a new house or bungalow has to be bought, either now, or in the future, and in most cases there will be adaptation costs as well as the costs of buying a larger property.

Housing costs for seriously injured clients

A claim may include the following elements:
  • compensation towards the costs of buying a bigger house or bungalow
  • incidental costs such as estate agent's fees, conveyancing costs, stamp duty etc.
  • adaptation costs including architects’ fees and the costs associated with obtaining planning permission
  • builder's fees for the adaptation works and materials
  • costs of specialist equipment that may be needed in kitchens and bathrooms, such as hoists, or floor lifts
  • property search consultants’ fees: where it is very difficult to find a suitable property or the client is very disabled we sometimes hire a property search consultant and their fees can be included in the claim.
  • the cost of environmental controls such as electric doors and windows to allow the injured person control over their environment.
  • the cost of ensuring access to the house is as easy as possible and that gardens are made accessible through widening doorways and adding slopes.
  • the annual costs of running a larger house are greater these can also be included as part of the claim

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We treat all personal data in accordance with our privacy policy.