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Employment tribunals

Bringing an employment tribunal claim, whether for unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, discrimination etc., can be an incredibly daunting task for the claimant. Our employment lawyers are experts in successfully navigating this process to consistently achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

We have produced a practical, easily accessible and up to the minute guide for claimants considering bringing an Employment Tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunal survey We are very interested to know how the recent introduction of Employment Tribunal fees has affected those people who have brought or attempted to bring Employment Tribunal claims on or after 29th July 2013. In particular we would like to find out whether the introduction of tribunal fees has meant people who would otherwise have brought a claim are now put off or unable to do so, and whether this is having a discriminatory impact on certain groups. If it is, this could be unlawful.

We seek your views and experiences of the system and have produced the following survey which we hope you will answer. There is space to leave your contact details at the end if you are happy for us to get in touch.

For those who have submitted/attempted to submit a claim please click here

For those who have not submitted/attempted to submit a claim please click here

The employment tribunal process is constantly evolving, and a number of significant changes have taken place in the last 18 months. Recent changes include increasing the qualifying service needed to have the right to claim unfair dismissal, placing an additional cap on the amount of unfair dismissal compensation, and the withdrawal of legal aid funding for all employment tribunal cases except those relating to discrimination.

We have produced a practical, easily accessible guide to bringing a claim in the employment tribunal. The guide answers some of the common questions that claimants have during the process, including looking at the claim form requirements, the powers of the employment tribunal in relation to rejecting claims, and the new fee and remission system.

One of our employment solicitors Nick Webster has also recorded a podcast (using promo code LEIGHDAY2) which provides detailed guidance for claimants on the fee and remission system, and comments on its impact and what we might expect in the future. It is free to download and can be saved for future reference.

The guide and podcast are not, of course, a substitute for legal advice on bringing specific claims and we encourage anyone thinking of bringing a claim to seek advice as soon as possible. You can contact our employment team and we will let you know how we can help.

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