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Employment rights for Deliveroo riders

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Do you work for Deliveroo? Or have you worked for Deliveroo in the past?

If so, we believe that you may be entitled to the following:
  • The right to receive paid holiday, at least the National Minimum Wage and sick pay (if you still work for Deliveroo)
  • Back pay for unpaid holiday pay and sick pay
  • Compensation if you have been paid less than the National Minimum Wage
  • The right not to be unfairly dismissed
  • The right not to be discriminated against
  • Maternity and paternity rights
If you are interested in joining the group claim for these rights, please call Hannah Reid on 020 7650 1200 or fill out the form below.
We will then be in touch to take some further details and answer any questions you may have.
By filling in this form there is no obligation on you to bring a claim and your details will be kept entirely confidential.

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