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Adverse reaction to metal debris

For the last five years Leigh Day have investigated hundreds of cases in which individuals have been injured as a result of exposure to metal debris produced by implanted metal-on-metal hips
The group of soft tissue injuries associated with exposure to particulate metal debris are now referenced using the umbrella term ‘ARMD’ or ‘adverse reaction to metal debris’.  ARMD can include local pathology such as metallosis, pseudotumours, and muscle necrosis and can result in a devastating loss of function to patients.
Although metallosis and ARMD have been linked most often with metal-on-metal hips there is growing concern amongst clinicians and bioengineers that other implanted medical devices which involve metal-on-metal surface contact may expose patients to ARMD injuries. Devices of particular concern include:
  • Spinal rods
  • Prosthetic knee implants
  • Prosthetic shoulder implants
For advice and information about injuries caused by implanted medical devices please contact the Leigh Day team

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