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Kevin and his trailer of joy!

So, having moved to Welwyn Garden City in May 2016 from Plymouth, Devon I was faced with the challenge of how to keep on enjoying cycling to work and the benefits it has brought to me over the years.

My previous commute was a leisurely 4-5 hilly miles. Working in London means a 4-5 mile cycle commute is not an option but it is certainly no barrier as Leigh Day have fantastic facilities for cyclists compared to my previous employer and I can now keep my bike nice, safe and even warm and have a shower before work.

For the first few months I have been able to cycle in and out when the weather allows to get in 45 mile days with the occasional add on of a few laps around Regent’s Park.

When the weather or other commitments didn’t allow I would run to WGC train station and then from King’s Cross to the office and back again in the evening.

Now my family have settled in to the area more and my wife has started her new job, involving early mornings and late nights, I faced a new challenge of resisting having to buy a car just to get the kids to and from the child minder.

Luckily I had already been acclimatising the kids to cycling with our eldest having been a regular passenger on the cycle commute on a baby seat.

Once one became two a trailer was needed and the fight against the car went on.

Having had a 5 mile hilly commute with them on the cycle paths of Plymouth the 3.5 mile commute in WGC on the excellent cycle paths seems a breeze and so far they have been loving it.

On the summer evening commute we even have time to pick our dog Milo up and cycle to Stanborough Park so he can have a nice run while we cycle.

This will be an altogether different challenge when the nights draw in so, hopefully, the new lights on Cyclescheme will help with that!

I am pleased to say we still only have one car and the kids are still enjoying the morning cycle trailer commute to the child minder!

Maybe a challenge to get them all the way to work from home on cycle paths awaits…

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