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Anne Winyard is another "superstar" of clinical negligence. Interviewees have "complete faith" in her winning combination of intelligence, knowledge and warmth. – Chambers and partners 2013
It was a pleasure to work with Anne and the team. The care and time they took helping me and my daughters through such a difficult time was incredible and I have recommended them to friends. – Katherine, mother of cystic fibrosis client

Anne Winyard has specialised for nearly thirty years in clinical negligence claims involving serious disability or death and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading claimant lawyers. 

Chambers guide to the legal profession 2013 identifies her as a "star performer", described by one interviewee as "the best clinical negligence lawyer by far"; another adding, "She would be my personal choice were I or my family to be injured…..She has this extra commitment to an individual case and is astonishingly clever." Anne has a particular interest in cases involving fetal injury resulting from amniocentesis, as well as in cases relating to cardiology, anaesthetics, genetics and haematology.

Examples of Anne’s recent cases include:
  • for Harriet Riley who suffered severe brain damage during her delivery - lump sum damages of £2m plus annual payments of £325k pa index- linked for life to cover her care and other special needs
  • for a six year old girl with cerebral palsy as a result of the mismanagement of her birth, who is cognitively and physically disabled, wholly dependent on others for all activities of daily living & unlikely to ever walk, talk or properly see – immediate damages payment of over £1m, plus substantial index-linked annual payments for life
  • for a birth-injured client who suffered an unusual hypoxic injury to the part of his brain called the hippocampus – an area associated with memory process – resulting from acute asphyxia due to mismanagement of his birth. He was physically spared (his favourite pastimes include BMX biking and skateboarding) but has a catastrophically disabling memory deficit: lump sum damages of £850,000 plus index-linked periodic payments of £40,000 p.a. rising to £95,000 p.a. in 2015
  • for a young woman injured in the 1990s during her mother’s amniocentesis at about 19 weeks’ into her pregnancy - the amniocentesis needle penetrated and injured the baby’s brain while she was in the womb and the serious results of her resulting subtle disabilities (intellectual, physical & cosmetic) only gradually became apparent as she got older: lump sum damages of £1.6m plus annual index-linked payments for life rising to £89k pa at present value
  • for a client whose son’s Fragile X syndrome was missed when only one form of DNA testing was used to test fetal DNA – damages of £1.8m
  • for a client whose son’s severe and predictable inherited disability was missed in antenatal genetic testing of a CVS sample – damages of £2.35m
  • for Olivia Bull who was born healthy, though premature and whose ventilator settings were mismanaged in the days after her birth - causing diplegic cerebral palsy (CP) as a result of periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) - lump sum payment of £2.4m plus substantial index-linked annual payments for life to pay for her care and other needs
  • for a boy who - like Olivia - was also born prematurely, though healthy , and severely injured by mismanagement of his neonatal ventilation - lump sum damages of £2.7m plus substantial index-linked annual periodic payments for life rising to £225k pa at today’s figures.  
  • For a boy who was extremely seriously brain injured because the hospital failed to treat his neonatal jaundice – a lump sum of £2.7m plus annual index-linked periodical payments for life to pay for future care, therapies & other special needs expenses starting at £379k pa rising to £476k pa at today’s figures.  

Key cases


  • APIL
  • Chambers guide to the legal profession
  • Law Society CN
  • Legal 500 2015 Recommended lawyer

What our clients say about us

  • We were advised and prepared for setbacks, twists and turns to our litigation by the very wise and canny Anne Winyard – Harriet Riley's father

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