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Five figure settlement for delayed diagnosis of rectal cancer

Medical negligence lawyer secures compensation for woman whose cancer diagnosis was delayed

Rectal cancer diagnosis delayed

3 June 2015

A woman has received a substantial settlement following the delayed diagnosis of her rectal cancer by her GP.

The 76 year old woman, known only as Lesley, was represented by medical negligence solicitor Kirsten Wall.

Lesley had visited her GP for more than two years reporting her increased bowel frequency, and a feeling of incomplete emptying of her bowels.  

Despite her concerns her GP failed to examine her, or refer her to a specialist.

If Lesley’s GP had carried out a simple rectal examination her cancer could have been diagnosed much earlier.

The diagnosis of Lesley’s rectal cancer took more than two years and left her needing chemotherapy, radiotherapy and a permanent colostomy, which she would not have needed if the cancer had been detected earlier.  

Kirsten successfully argued that if Lesley had been diagnosed with rectal cancer when she first visited her GP, she would have been treated without the need for chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and without the need for radical surgery to site a permanent colostomy.

Lesley now suffers from side effects from the radical surgery she required as well as the radiotherapy.   

Leigh Day clinical negligence solicitor Kirsten Wall said:

“It is very disappointing that for more than two years, Lesley’s GP failed to refer her for further investigations, or perform his own simple examination, both of which would have resulted in the earlier diagnosis of Lesley’s cancer.

“Luckily, Lesley’s cancer had not spread so far as to make it untreatable but she has still been left with side effects from the treatment that affects her daily life.”

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