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Clean-up and remediation

Despite Shell’s admission of liability and claims that it is concerned about the devastation of Bodo, Shell has made no concerted or adequate efforts to start to clean up the damage caused by the 2008 oil spills.  Shell has not fulfilled hopes that it would carry out urgent work to remediate the local environment.

BP committed to establishing a US$20 billion fund following the Deepwater Horizon spill in the Gulf of Mexico – an area much smaller than that of the Niger Delta.  Shell, by contrast, has committed no concrete sum towards the adequate compensation and clean-up of the Bodo area.

The creeks around Bodo remain extremely polluted to this day.  The limited amount of work that has been carried out on very small areas of Bodo has been inadequate and unprofessional.  The delay in carrying out clean-up is making the situation worse as oil continues to embed itself in the soil and the local environment continues to suffer.  Proper clean-up is required to ensure that the area is not blighted for generations to come.

The UN, Amnesty International and the Nigerian government have all expressed deep disappointment with Shell’s lack of action in the region.  Impoverished local fishermen have been left without a source of income, and have received no compensation.  The Ogoni fishing and farming communities have accused Shell of applying different standards to clean-ups in Nigeria, compared to the rest of the world.

Despite international pressure and the continuing suffering of those living in and around Bodo, Shell has still failed to begin a comprehensive clean-up operation.

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