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Environmental damage

The activities of multi-national corporations can cause widespread pollution and massive environmental degradation, particularly in the extractions areas of mining, oil and gas. 

Companies in these sectors often operate in countries with weak environmental protections where there are lower production costs, and the ability to influence the development or enforcement of environmental regulations.

The lack of local law and regulations, or gaps in the means of enforcing them, renders it difficult or impossible for local people to protect their environment and to secure rights that are dependent on a healthy environment. Individuals from local communities invariably struggle to acquire legal representation to obtain compensation for damage to their health or livelihood. 

We specialize in representing individuals and communities all over the world who have suffered ill-health and damage to their local environment from the effects of pollution and environmental degradation. We regularly manage complex litigation involving claimants in remote locations overseas.

We have pioneered legal developments in large group actions in UK courts and have successfully obtained substantial amounts of compensation on behalf of victims. For example we:
  • pursued a claim on behalf of 30,000 residents of the Ivory Coast (Cote D’Ivoire) against multinational oil trader Trafigura for the dumping of toxic waste;
  • obtained £55 million in compensation for a community of 15,000 in the Niger Delta from Shell following oil spills in 2008/9;
  • secured compensation for 52 Colombian farmers in a claim against BP relating to damage caused to farms following the installation of an oil pipeline. 

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